The "quality month" activities of Lian Feng Technology Company have been carried out in an orderly way.


The "quality month" activities of Lian Feng Technology Company have been carried out in an orderly way.

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Recently, in accordance with the requirements of the National Quality Month in 2018, Lianfeng Science and Technology has closely focused on the theme of "strengthening market supervision and building a strong quality country", further creating a good atmosphere of "everyone attaches importance to quality, everyone creates quality, everyone enjoys quality", and promoting the formation of a new situation of quality governance for all.
All members actively participate in the quality month publicity signing ceremony
It is reported that Lian Feng Technology first mobilized the company to carry out the "quality month" campaign. Make full use of the contents of pre-class meeting, after-class meeting, blackboard newspaper, wall newspaper and banner, carry out colorful propaganda activities of "Quality Month" series, widely publicize the concept of "production depends on cost, competition depends on high quality", further enhance staff's quality awareness, and strive to improve product quality and management level; secondly, organize Hold monthly quality conference, formulate implementation plan and measures of activities, organize and carry out special inspection of product quality. The production department organizes quality specialists and line managers to inspect the process of on-site equipment production, equipment installation and equipment maintenance, and timely respond to the dissatisfaction raised by the owner's unit and the service unit. Formulate effective corrective actions.
【The company signs the banner in a clear position】
In addition, the company carries out user return visits, led by the comprehensive department visits the company's product users, in-depth understanding of the reality and potential needs of the main users, in view of the shortcomings of production, maintenance, installation and use, timely remedial and rectification measures are taken to continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty; and further improve the majority of users. The quality consciousness of cadres and workers can effectively promote the steady improvement of product quality.
Jiangsu Lianfeng:Chen Wei
September 17, 2018