"Building a Green Life with the Law" Corporate Legal System Lecture Hall


"Building a Green Life with the Law" Corporate Legal System Lecture Hall

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------Into Lianfeng Technology
At 9:08 am on September 21, 2018, the Judicial Institute of Leyu Town of Zhangjiagang City, the "Land of Life with the Law, Building a Green Life" Corporate Legal System Lecture Hall, came to Lianfeng Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., for the cadres and workers. A vivid legal education class not only improves the legal concept of the employees, but also how to know, law-abiding and usage in daily life work.
It is reported that the judicial department of Leyu Town of Zhangjiagang City has introduced the common methods and forms of "illegal fundraising" and the main features of "illegal fundraising" in detail, educating everyone to restrain the temptation of high interest and curb the high interest belt. The harm that comes, we must believe that the pie will not fall in the sky; at the same time, we will also publicize the special article "Smuggling the Black and Eliminate Evil" and firmly support and support the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and various provinces and cities to carry out the special struggle against evil. Actively promote the righteousness, punish crimes, actively create a good social atmosphere, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and create a safe and stable social environment.
Before the end of the lecture hall, the lawyers of the judicial office also briefly introduced the relevant contents of the engagement and pre-marital property encountered in the marriage and family, and provided the legal knowledge examination platform for the "Party Construction of Jiangsu Organs"; The legal awareness of cadres and employees and the ability of enterprises to prevent legal risks provide a powerful guarantee for comprehensively promoting the rule of law and promoting the scientific and healthy development of enterprises.
Jiangsu Lianfeng:Chen Wei
September 21, 2018