Lianfeng Technology Motor Repair and Reconstruction Benefits


Lianfeng Technology Motor Repair and Reconstruction Benefits

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Lianfeng Technology Motor Repair Workshop transformed a scrapped hoist into a large suction cup coil winding machine. Through debugging, testing and trial use, it fully meets the standards of regular manufacturers, directly creating economic benefits of about 120,000 yuan and reducing personnel costs by one year. About 162,000 yuan.
It is reported that at the beginning of the establishment of the motor repair workshop, the maintenance equipment and equipment were seriously lacking. The original coil winding was all done manually. At that time, the mold was mounted on the coupling of the motor, and then two people turned the coupling by hand. The other three people are responsible for winding, and at first it feels okay. As the coil increases, the number of personnel will gradually increase, otherwise it will be difficult to complete, and the tightness and tension will not be uniform, which is not in line with the standard of the coil. Due to the slow manual operation, the production requirements for motor repair cannot be met gradually. Song Yongbin, the director of the motor repair workshop and the chief engineer of the motor repair, is very anxious about the difficulties in winding work. How to change the winding method, increase the winding speed, and reduce the labor intensity of employees? He wants to rely on equipment to solve it. If you buy a new winding machine about 100,000? Just as he was thinking hard, an old hoist was flashing in his mind, which gave him innovative inspiration. In the past few days, he accidentally found a scrapped hoist in the ironmaking project. Its speed is very slow. The requirements of the line, for this purpose, ask the leader to pull the old winch to the motor repair shop.
【Scrapped winch】
In the face of the “baby” repaired by the motor, Song Yongbin and Zhang Gaoping first surveyed the hoist, then convened two employees to form an innovation team, began to “dissect” the hoist, removed the wire rope and reel on the hoist, and opened the hoist. Gear box, press and remove the old pinion, then measure the spindle, machine the new spindle, add two sets of bearing blocks, machine the inner and outer oil caps on the bearing seat, increase the weight of the winding, machine the key groove on the spindle, install Self-manufacturing large couplings, welded on steel frame, made by a "new" suction cup coil winding machine;
【Innovative large suction cup coil winding machine】
After power-on, detection and debugging (including brake debugging), the effect is very obvious; first, the operation is only 2 people; one start switch, one person winding, the other is tension, uniform progress, and fully meet the standards and requirements of the coil; The coil winding machine is 60 rpm, and the winding speed is much faster than the manual winding, and it exceeds the production demand.
Jiangsu Lianfeng:Chen Wei
September 9, 2018